Reflow 13 and Shuffle

Reflow version 13 is now available for iOS and macOS, introducing the Shuffle.

Shuffle (also called sometimes Swing feel, or Triplet feel) will add some groove to your compositions and is commonly used in many styles. You will hear the difference instantly, as the eighth notes will be played much more like triplets or eighth dotted note and sixteenth note.

How to add shuffle ?

This is really simple, starting with version 13, shuffle is an extra information attached to your tempo markers. Simply open the tempo marker dialog as you would to change the tempo value, and add the shuffle parameter.

Open the tempo marker dialog on Mac

You can also use sixteenth note shuffle instead of eighth notes.

There are three levels of syncopation, Light, Medium or Hard. Try the three values to find the one that suit you the best.

Shuffle settings on an iPad Pro

This release also fixes some nasty bugs, mostly regressions due to the ongoing porting to Swift.

Hope you guys will enjoy this release, feel free to contact me if you have any question about this.